As an Indonesian citizen who will manage a website in that country, of course you can choose the country code top level domain domain extension , namely the domain ID. Regarding this one domain, did you know that this one domain extension not only comes with various advantages but also interesting facts?

So, we will discuss interesting facts about domain ID in this article. So, you will know more information about this one domain so you won’t hesitate to immediately buy the domain to complement the website domain name you want to get.


Overview of Domain ID

Don’t know what a domain ID is, even though you’ve often seen websites that use that domain extension? Domain ID is a country specific domain extension for Indonesia which is also the country code top level domain for Indonesia.

For those of you who run a business in Indonesia or have to manage an organization’s website located in Indonesia, domain ID can be the right choice.

Although the ccTLD domain itself has been used since 1985 in several countries such as America, England and Israel, in Indonesia, the new ccTLD was used in 1993 until now.


PANDI recorded around 350 thousand more domains using domain ID extensions by the end of 2019. Of course, there is a possibility that this number will increase from year to year.

Domain ID Type

Even though there are many choices of unique domains , of course you have your own reasons why you ultimately chose a domain ID. This one domain extension is not difficult for us to find on various websites , whether business websites , organizations, institutions, government, or others. 

So, here are several types of domain IDs that can be adjusted according to the type of website you want to build:


One type of domain ID that is widely used is domain.GO.ID. As the name suggests, this one domain is the domain for websites of government agencies in Indonesia. Various levels within the government can use this type of domain ID one.

However, this domain cannot be used haphazardly. GO denotes government , which means that domain.GO.ID is only intended for government websites, not for the general public.


The next type of domain ID is domain.AC.ID. Well, AC itself stands for academic . So, this domain will show the identity of the website owner, namely the university.

Domain.AC.ID has been registered with several ministries that provide educational permits to various tertiary institutions. These ministries include the Ministry of Religion, Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education. and others.


Furthermore, there is domain.OR.ID which is suitable for organizations, communities or foundations located in Indonesia. Like the two previous types of domain IDs, this domain cannot be used carelessly.

To be able to use this domain, there are a number of documents that are required for making a domain, including an ID card and internal work documents for the organization.

If so, why should you use this one domain? Basically, domain ID offers various advantages. Come on, read this article to find out the advantages of domain ID for its users.


Sch on domain.SCH.ID informs that the website belongs to a school in Indonesia. Apart from formal schools, this domain can also be used by non-formal educational institutions if they meet the requirements. 

For example, non-formal educational institutions that have been approved by SKPD or Regional Government Working Units.

There are a number of reasons for choosing a domain ID that you can find out through this article.


Another type of domain ID is domain.CO.ID. Compared to some of the previous domains, this type is the one that is often found, right?

Many businesses and companies operating in Indonesia use domain.CO.ID. Of course, the company must have legal legality, either PT, CV, law firm, or others. Some of the documents needed to register this domain are KTP, trading license, brand ownership, and others.

Feel that the various domain choices available are not suitable for the online business that you are running? Maybe you can choose a premium domain .

To find out what a premium domain is , please read the information in this article.


Domain ID Interesting Facts

Talking about ID domains, do you already know some interesting facts about ID domains? As we know, this domain is a domain that is used specifically for the country of Indonesia, which is the country code top level domain or ccTLD.

Here are the facts you should know about domain ID before even choosing the domain extension:

Safe and comfortable

The first interesting fact about domain ID is that users of this domain can feel safe and comfortable. Domain ID extensions cannot be obtained just like that because there are a number of requirements that must be met by those who wish to register the domain.

As the manager of Indonesian domain names, PANDI takes the right steps to ensure the safety and comfort of users. That way, misuse of website domains can be minimized. Domain ID cannot be used for websites that violate Indonesian law, including gambling, pornography and fraud.

That means, internet users can feel more secure and comfortable without worrying about becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Get to know the various types of cyber crime so that you can be more careful in accessing websites and shopping online .

Ramah SEO (SEO Friendly)

Website and SEO seem to be difficult to separate. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is an effort to optimize websites so that they appear in the top search results of the Google search engine.

For those of you who are running SEO techniques according to Google’s algorithm, using a domain ID will be very helpful. Domain ID is a domain extension that is known to be SEO-friendly or SEO friendly. 

Search engines like Google will detect websites that use ccTLDs that are relevant to keywords related to something that is popular in Indonesia. This will help website owners to focus on the Indonesian region.

In other words, the competition will only target keywords in Indonesia. Unlike the case with domain.COM which has a broader focus, namely the whole world. This means that the competition to be in the top ranking position will also be higher.

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Domain Name Availability

Still regarding interesting facts about domain ID, it seems that it is common knowledge that this one domain provides an abundance of domain names. So, you have a high chance of getting the desired domain name. 

To be sure that the domain you are going to choose is still available, check the domain first.

Furthermore, you can get the right domain at a friendly domain price .

Faster Access Website

Furthermore, interesting facts about this one ID domain are certainly good news for those who want to use a domain ID.

By using a domain ID, the website you manage can be accessed more quickly. So website visitors don’t need to experience website loading which will be very annoying.

Websites that can be accessed quickly tend to be the choice of internet users because they can take them to the page they are looking for or need. The speed of the website with the ID domain is thanks to the DNS server located in Indonesia which is managed by PANDI.

The use of bandwidth that is more efficient makes loading times fast in accessing websites. So that the website can be accessed smoothly every time.

Able to Increase Website Credibility

Want to make your website appear credible to internet users? If so, you can simply use the domain ID. An interesting fact about ID domains that many people may not know is that they can increase the credibility of a website.

Domain ID can be used when the domain buyer can meet a number of domain registration requirements. Therefore, the possibility of the website owner committing fraud is also relatively small. 

So, an online business website will be more credible than using a domain extension that can be obtained easily without any conditions.

Where Can You Buy .ID Domains?

Even though it is already popular in various circles of society, it does not mean that everyone knows how to get an .ID domain. After knowing the interesting facts about the domain ID, you may be even more convinced to use the domain. 

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