One of the most significant changes in business today is the enormous increase in the use of contingent employees by companies all over the world. The practice is not particularly new; it essentially began when workers were temporarily taken from other companies to cover roles due to absences and illness. The most popular type of contingent work today is staff augmentation.

Utilizing IT staff augmentation, businesses can reduce the time and upfront costs associated with hiring offshore software developers. You must first comprehend this model completely in order to make the most of it for your company’s onboarding strategy plan. This includes knowing what it is when to use it, and how to go about doing it.

In this article, we dispel common misconceptions about staff augmentation services and go over how they might impact the technological and operational procedures at your firm.

What is staff augmentation?

When businesses use an outsourcing strategy to handle their technical requirements and expand their staff as a result, this is referred to as IT staff augmentation.

Startup companies seeking outside aid to accomplish significant IT projects frequently factor in the two primary delivery models: staff augmentation and software project outsourcing. Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing strategy that employs temporary offshore dedicated developers to cover temporary job vacancies within your company. Both similarities and significant variations exist in project outsourcing.

The main difference between the two is that if you use staff augmentation, you can still engage in offshore dedicated engineering expertise while retaining stability over your software development team. In return for a fixed, defined outcome when outsourcing, you understand the responsibilities of the outsourcing vendor.

Software developer staff augmentation methods

There are three ways to hire more people:

  • Senior skill augmentation: Highly gifted offshore product engineers coming from external digital transformation companies are hired for specialised software duties within such organisations. They may engage in specialised software development tasks such as developing new software goods or resolving complex problems with existing ones.

  • Commodity-based: A company’s workforce is typically increased by this type of expansion. Hiring employees from abroad to work on product development that might not be highly skilled yet can still handle the company’s critical everyday IT operations are involved. A commodity-based augmentation is an option when there is a staffing shortage and businesses need to employ people quickly or when they need to fill positions which don’t necessitate a high level of skill.

  • Talent augmentation: occurs when businesses employ skilled IT infrastructure support personnel. These individuals will be more knowledgeable and experienced than the average worker, allowing them to complete tasks more quickly than other internal staff members. These employees may also have skills that are uncommon in other organisations, which makes them valuable resources for a business.

We’ve compiled a summary of the advantages of hiring more IT personnel to help you determine whether this is the best course of action for your business.

Putting the customer first

As a company owner, you will put your customers or clients first. Offshore digital transformation companies would emphasize your duties over others in a manner similar to this. As a result, they will present you with results that have been verified twice for accuracy and validity and are legitimate, under quality management. Therefore, staff augmentation is a tactic to obtain software project outcomes that are of a high calibre and conform to the expectations of your client group. Be as specific as you can when giving outsourcing business instructions and suggestions.

Legislative problems

As a potential employer, you must be conscious of how important and time-consuming the legal documentation requirements are within the hiring process.

The pertinent higher officials must be given the candidate’s curriculum vitae, official records, and other legal paperwork; this is a time-consuming procedure. However, the company that partners with the outsourced technology will handle the paperwork steps of the offshore software developers you need and give you a stress-free result with the aid of staff augmentation.

No regional restrictions

Let’s assume you need a software system to be available right away. Your first instinct as a company ought to be to use internal software engineers instead of bringing in a specialist from outside your offices. Consequently, there is a high chance that your project will be:

  • Delivered after the anticipated Date and with a delay.

  • quality is questionable, and they might ask for a review.

  • It is largely unfinished.

However, in this case, staff augmentation can help you find offshore software developers from any country in the globe without delay. You can therefore unwind understanding that your client is content as well.

Talent provider

Despite a 40% increase in demand for IT workers, there is a continuing lack of experts with specialised expertise. You may not have sufficient skilled product engineers to finish the required tasks, particularly for upcoming software projects. However, in these situations, consulting for staff expansion is helpful.

They can help you hire one or more experts in accordance with the requirements of your software project as they possess a variety of outcome systems and position systems.


Because you’ll be making a checklist of directions for how to finish the task and submit it to the outsourcing company on time, efficiency is ensured. However, as an added bonus, your business may experience a reduction in the risks and dangers associated with investing and other corporate management procedures. The main goal of IT staff augmentations is to maximise resources while minimising threats to your business.

Less expensive development

It is more affordable to outsource work to IT staff augmentation companies because doing so decreases operational costs and prevents you from having to pay extra money to grow your DevOps engineering team. With much less strict financial restrictions, the idea of offshore DevOps engineering team development is practically practicable. Tax or consultation fees may only be paid to the outsourced firm.

Your company would save a tonne of money by using staff augmentation instead of paying for the recruitment and employment of an IT specialist. Therefore, the best project management techniques, channels of communication, and other technical data principles exist thanks to staff augmentation companies.


Staff augmentation will unquestionably help your company maintain its position as a leader in the race for technological innovation while concentrating on its primary business. Additionally, you gain from the operational effectiveness of staff augmentation, which includes reduced time and cost associated with hiring, office space, more flexibility, and improved productivity.

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Finding fresh talent for your business can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Hiring software developers can have unpredictable effects. When you need competent people but don’t want to make a long-term commitment, IT staff augmentation can be very beneficial. You may gain more sway over software projects and your business may gain a competitive edge. For more details on IT staff augmentation or to find out more about these services, get in touch with Checkmate Global Technologies.