Aluminum Windows Prices in Pakistan Today 18 March 2023

Three primary factors determine the Aluminium Windows price.
First, the size of the Window and Door or the opening in which you would like to place this window.
The second factor is the section thickness of the Aluminium that is used for framing.
Finally, it is based on the quality or Brand you’ve selected to install your Aluminium Windows in the House.

Company Name Price per Sq Feet
Standard Aluminum Rs. 800-900
Chawla Aluminium Rs. 850-950
Master Aluminum Rs. 750-1,050
GR Aluminium Rs. 800-950
Prime Aluminum Rs. 950-1,100

How to Estimate Aluminum Windows Prices in Pakistan?

To decide what the cost is for Aluminium Windows, first, you must know the measurements/size of your Windows. The thickness is also needed to calculate the rate of Aluminium. When you have the dimensions, estimate the Real Area of the Window and multiply it by the Rate of Aluminium to determine the full expense of the Windows. For example, if you’ve got windows that estimate at 8 by 8 feet, your estimated cost is as follows:

Aluminum Windows

8×8= 64 sq feet. Multiply the total square feet by the price per square floor. i.e 64×850 = 54,400. The cost of 8×8 feet aluminium window is approximately Rs. 54,400. Similar to how you can calculate the price of windows in the House, determine the total area and then multiply it by the Aluminium Rate to determine the total cost for the House.

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Which Trademark of Aluminium is Most suitable for Windows?

To choose the most reputed Aluminium brand, there are some things to be aware of. After that, we can choose which Trademark is the most useful. The first thing to believe is the quality of the Aluminium Produced by the Factory. Then, examine the raw material used to make Aluminium and the Plant.

You need quality Raw Materials and a cheaper plant to produce the top quality products. If you want to produce it, you must have good Raw Materials and the top Plant. Right Now, in Pakistan Market, Chawla is one of the most suitable Aluminium Creation trademarks. Thanks to their top-of-the-line Plant and high-quality Raw Materials, they produce the best quality Aluminium in Pakistan.