To calculate the section modulus of structural elements like girders, webs, beams, stiffeners, and supporting frames, it is important to consider the effective width of the plating. This effective width should not be greater than either half of the spacing on either side of the member or 33% of the unsupported span, whichever is smaller. For girders and webs that are located above hatch openings, the maximum effective width of the plating should not be more than half of the spacing or 16.5% of the unsupported span, whichever is smaller. Ace Homework Tutors. When used in real time or forecast mode, the model analyzes the potential environmental risk associated with drift grounding events involving oil tankers by integrating the chance of grounding with the impact of an oil leak on the coastline. Assessment Task writing Help  Norwegian coast is greatly influenced by wind and ocean currents, as well as the position of the tug and the type of cargo being transported. Based on the findings, the risk model appears to be well adapted for real-time prioritization of oil tankers and coastline segments, and it efficiently distinguishes between low- and high-risk circumstances.