A large number of development companies are there in the IT Sector of the National Capital. But sadly, only a few are providing genuine solutions to the clients.

Someone has rightly said that. ‘It’s not the quantity that matters, It’s the Quality’. This statement is true as far as Mobile App Development Company in Delhi is concerned. 

Best Mobile App Development Company in Delhi:

Through this article, I can suggest some top-notch Mobile Application Development Company in Noida, NCR & Delhi. These are: 

  • Accenture

  • Larsen & Toubro (L&T)

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions, Inc.

  • Wipro Technologies

  • TechDost Services Pvt Ltd

About TechDost Services Pvt Ltd: 

TechDost is an acclaimed software company based in Delhi-NCR. Besides the IT aspects, they provide a complete suite of Digital Marketing Services as well. 

What is Mobile App Development? 

Mobile App Development is the creation of mobile software for android and iOS smartphones. The process in divided into 2 parts:

  • Creation of the Mobile Software

  • Designing the Application

Currently Apple and Android are the only 2 platforms that have dominated the market. 

There are different types of mobile app frameworks available to select from. Therefore, You have plenty of options to contemplate. 

App Development Process: 

Application Development Process involves the 5 following steps:

  • Select the development procedure & technology

  • Formulate your team

  • Assign the project manager

  • Set project timelines & objectives

  • Handle the problems that come along. 

It may happen that you need to construct the app for both platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Here, you can use a cross platform technology that enables you to create a one single app that streamlines on both operating systems. 

The functionality and complexity of the application will determine the exact budget and timeline of the project. There is a colossal difference between creating a simple and a high-tech mobile application. 

Types of Mobile Application Development: 

  • Native Mobile App:

A native app is built specifically for a particular platform either android or iOS. These apps are designed using a specific programming language. In some cases, these apps can work even without an internet connection. 

  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Application:

Cross-Platform enables the utilization of the same code for both platforms, i.e. android & iOS. Cross Platform is a flexible solution for developers. It is more affordable than native as well. 

  • Hybrid Mobile Application:

There are a few similarities between Hybrid & Cross Platform Technology. Hybrid is user friendly, less technical, and easy to operate as compared to the other. 

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA):


Commonly known as PWA. These apps get delivered through the web, and do not get directly installed on the user’s device. The advancement in technology is the result of smarter solutions like PWAs. It sends push notifications to users by the web browser.