Making money from ClickBank is the one of the best methods for newbie internet marketers to earn extra cash. You don’t need to create a product, or Extra Cash Each Month set up a website especially for sale approach and take payment hassle. You can make money from ClickBank without doing any of these. You need to have a domain name and also you should be able to write plenty of articles on any particular niche.

So how will you make extra $1500 per month from ClickBank doing part-time work? Follow these steps…

1. Find your interest: – Find a topic in which you have a great interest and should be able to write articles on it. You will find almost all types of ebooks on ClickBank to sale and get commission. So, the first step is you should find your interest and choose a topic on your interest.

2. Know your competition: – Now, it’s time to take keyword research and know the competition and demand on your niche. A low competitive and high demand niche would be best for you. So, if your niche doesn’t fit in this criterion, then you should try to find another interested topic that fits on it.

3. Choose a good product on – Once you refine your niche (niche is just a topic), you should go to ClickBank and choose a high gravity product. ClickBank easily shows the popularity of a product on its market place. Always pick up the products that are higher in popularity and offer $20 to $30 for each sale.

4. Buy domain name: – Go to and buy a cheap domain name related to the niche. At the time of this writing,.info domains are selling in very low price. Once you buy your own domain name, you need to forward it to your affiliate link. If you are new to the whole thing, then you need to learn about it. It is very important if you want to make extra $1000 per month from ClickBank. By this method, you can generate lots of sales and make big money online.

5. Write articles and submit to article directories: – Now, you should take keyword research again. Find 20 – 30 keywords on your niche and write articles on them. To know ideas about articles put your keywords on Google and take searches. See the websites and WebPages that Google brings up, and see their articles. Now it’s time to write article on the keywords. Resource box is the place where you can put your domain name (your domain name should be forwarded to the affiliate link).