Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has been a sizzling topic across the globe. Most people are now acquainted with cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. As a matter of truth, Bitcoin is on top of the list of cryptocurrencies. When you’ve got no concept why the cryptocurrency is rising in standardity worldwide, you are on the precise page. In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 reasons why this new type of currency is so popular. Read on to search out out more. 1. Low transaction charges The low transaction payment is without doubt one of the main reasons why cryptocurrency has been rising in worth over the previous few years. No matter what type of typical payment methodology you go for, you will must pay a hefty transaction fee. Alternatively, should you go for cryptocurrency for making payments, you will have to pay minimum transaction fees. Subsequently, it makes sense to make use of this new form of currency for making payments online for your desired products and services. 2. No government regulation One other solid reason why a lot of people trust cryptocurrencies is that they aren’t regulated by any government. Therefore, the worth of the currency remains stable regardless […] read more