The patient intake process is one of the important stages in a patient’s journey. As it is the next stage after patient appointment booking, you should streamline it well for an excellent patient experience. When you achieve an excellent experience then it will result in great patient satisfaction. Also, patient satisfaction leads to improved practice growth.  Below are the pros of using powerful online patient intake software. Make your patients happy Recent studies indicate that nearly 70% of the patients prefer to choose a provider who offers online facilities. Also, the millennial population doesn’t have the time and patience to complete medical procedures manually. So definitely you should incorporate the online patient intake software to smoothen the patient intake process. It lets your patient readily available and directly they can consult the doctor at the exact time of their appointment.  Eliminate human errors The typical patient intake process purely depends on a bunch of paperwork. When a patient enters their information manually there is a chance to enter wrong information by mistake. Also after entering the patient data in patient intake forms it’s hard to interpret the different handwriting. 61% of the insurance claims are denied because of wrong information […] read more