Cool, strong wind blowing. Snow. Snow. Winter has made its excellent interior, meaning your skin is getting wrinkled. You can think of a bit of lotion here, and this season you need to get rid of the skin problems, but chances are you will find many more things to do to find winter skincare routines. Required. 1) Ditching the SPF The beach provides sunscreen for Trolox, but it’s easy to forget about skincare when it comes to sweaters and shoes. Kayifamilys  Invest in solid sunscreen all year round – like Soorum Daily Defense Cream – and keep wearing it on your face and any other exposed skin. 2) Not changing cleansers. The skin has different needs in different seasons. In the summer, you tend to resort to more aggressive cleansers and exfoliants to deal with oily skin or excess dirt, especially during hot periods. But the same products won’t cut it in the winter when your skin is more likely to need gentle cleansing and moisturizing. Find something that is both mild and hydrating, such as Sturm Nourishing Daily Cleanser, perfect for dry and sensitive skin. 3) Skipping pedicures. Sandal season can be like a pedicure season, but hiding […] read more